for Breaking Ampoules

Breaking a glass ampoule can be dangerous. Ampoule injuries are painful and expose the victim to blood borne pathogens. Using a gauze pad to protect your fingers when breaking an ampoule is commonplace—but it can be dangerous, as a gauze pad does not offer sufficient protection. MedegripTM is the only device to offer full protection to the practioner and the patient.

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for Luer Connections

It is a fact that 67% of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLASBI) originates at the connection. Contamination can occur when unauthorized devices such as hemostats are used to tighten or loosen Luer connections. Hemostats are not designed to manage connections and using them can cause serious damage. MedeGripTM is the only Class 1FDA certified device for use for vascular access.

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Protect your bottom line and your patient's health with MedeGripTM

Protects you from liability while it protects your staff and patients.

Whether you are a single practitioner or a major teaching hospital, you don't want to be sued. No matter how much you prepare, accidents can happen. But there is a simple step you can take to make sure that you avoid unnecessary liability.

Potential legal liability often is hiding in plain site. The simple leur connector that you use everyday can malfunction or even cause infection. The common glass ampoule is a potential source of injury.

Both of these potential problems exist because most practitioners deal with them in a seat-of-the-pants manner that is actually un-approved and dangerous. Have you ever seen a hemostat used to grip a luer connection? Did you ever lacerate your finger on an ampoule even though you were holding it with a gauze bandage?

This takes place thousands of time everyday because--up till now--there has not been an approved, safe alternative.

The solution is MedeGripTM, a new product that provides an inexpensive and effective way to protect yourself from potential liability at the same time as you protect your staff and your patients.

Only MedeGripTM has patented technology for the use of Luer connections and ampoule breaking which is FDA certified for safety.

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